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Bird Watching

Get the best Bird Watching experience with Cab Services. We offer best tour packages at affordable prices. We know that India is one of the biggest enthralling birding destinations in the world. A country with such a diverse geography encompasses landscapes that blend seamlessly together. With its montane forests, rolling grasslands, wetlands, evergreen forests, and deserts, the region is home to a diverse assemblage of bird species. It is estimated that the Indian subcontinent harbors close to 1300 species, including over 60 that are unique to this planet. Bird watching is a true treasure for bird lovers.

At Cab Services, our aim is project the resplendent show of birds across the many natural wonders of the country. With our expertise in crafting tours with hotspots that are ideal for birding accompanied by highly skilled naturalists and guides, you are assured a truly memorable birding experience. In other words, it doesn't matter whether you want to maximize your bird checklist and photograph them or dive into wildlife and cultural excursions.

October to April are the best months for Bird Watching lover. In addition to resident species, there are migratory waterfowl, raptors, starlings & other passerines as well as a host of other species to be seen all over the Indian countryside.

In India, the habitats of birds are broadly divided into forests, shrubs, grassland and farmland, desert and wetlands. Each of these habitats supports a distinct population of birds that differ from those found elsewhere.

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